It's National HIV Testing Week this week

National HIV Testing Week is a great opportunity to get tested for HIV.

Testing is free, fast, confidential and simple and can be done at a sexual health clinic, GP surgery or local HIV organisation. There are even postal tests or self tests that can be done at home.

If someone has HIV, the sooner they know the better, as it they can get treatment. What’s more, a negative test means they don’t have to worry any more.

Most people get HIV from someone who doesn’t realise they have it. If more people test and get the medication they need, we’ll be able to cut the numbers of people who get HIV in the future.

Read more about HIV testing.

Event for young people

Do you know young people aged 13 to 24 in Camden? There’s an event for young people at The HIVE on 24 November from 3 to 6pm.