Issue with Browsealoud software

Camden Council is one of thousands of organisations globally who use an accessibility tool called Browsealoud to enable blind and partially sighted people to access online information.

Browsealoud was taken offline on Sunday, as the company who produce the software learnt that it was being used to attempt to generate cryptocurrency.

This was an issue within the Browsealoud software, which is accessible via our site, rather than a hack on our council website itself. No customer data has been accessed or lost and Camden’s website continues to be secure. As soon as the software was taken down nationally it was no longer available via our website, but we still took steps to remove the links to the software from our site.

The company are keeping the software offline at present, and are carrying out an independent security review. In the meantime any blind or partially sighted residents who need to find information or access services are advised to call us on 0207 974 4444.