HS2: Shadow Transport Secretary pledges support for comprehensive redevelopment of Euston

Shadow Transport Secretary Lilian Greenwood MP visited Camden last week, confirming the Labour party’s support of a comprehensive redevelopment of Euston Station, if HS2 goes ahead.

The Labour party call for £500m to be invested in delivering the comprehensive redevelopment. 

Leader of Camden Council, Cllr Sarah Hayward, took Lilian Greenwood on a tour of Euston Station and the areas around the station that face decades of disruption that could be reduced if plans for HS2 and Crossrail 2 are co-ordinated in a comprehensive development of the entire station.

However, the current HS2 Bill shows the new HS2 tracks being built in two phases until 2033, with no timescale, funding or design specified for the redevelopment of the existing Euston Station.

The Euston Strategic Board has recently produced a Growth Strategy that shows a comprehensive approach to planning the station will help to deliver up to 16,000 local jobs, over 2,000 new homes, and £1.1bn additional annual GVA to the UK economy, around a world-class transport hub.

Camden Council is preparing to put forward the case for comprehensive redevelopment of Euston at its Select Committee appearance next week.

You can read more about plans for Euston and Camden Council’s reaction to them, which were announced in September as an amendment to the HS2 Bill through Additional Provision 3 (AP3). We are also concerned about the latest proposals for Crossrail 2, which are currently out for consultation.

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Camden Council opposes plans for HS2 as currently proposed. If the government does go ahead with the scheme, Camden is committed to securing the best deal for our communities. Find out more here.