HS2 Select Committee visits Camden

The HS2 Select Committee visited Camden on Monday 5 September for a technical site visit ahead of the Council’s appearance.

The Select Committee toured the Euston area, which will be blighted by over a decade of construction, including Euston Station, Drummond Street, Cobourg Street, Regent’s Park Estate, Park Village East, Mornington Crescent, Ampthill Estate and Lancing Street. We pushed for the Committee to visit the area around the proposed vent shafts at Adelaide Road and Alexandra Road, as we know that residents will be petitioning from these areas, but this request was not granted.

Representatives from HS2 Ltd, Network Rail and Camden Council accompanied the Select Committee on the tour.

Although this was a technical site visit, we had the opportunity to raise the issues that are of concern to Camden and residents. This included the issues that we presented at our Select Committee appearance on Tuesday 6 September, including the comprehensive redevelopment of Euston Station, fair compensation and transporting materials by rail.

At our Select Committee appearance, Lord Jones stated he was “shocked” at discovering on that all the spoil is currently planned to be taken out by road and went on to ask what options were being looked at to take spoil by rail. We made the case for HS2 Ltd to do more to transport materials by rail in order to remove lorries from Camden’s roads.

At the Council’s appearance, Councillor Sarah Hayward, Leader of Camden Council, stated her hope that the Committee’s visit to the borough would have provided them with “understanding of the real depth and breadth of impact that there is on Camden.”

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