HS2: Select Committee report – what you need to know

The High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill Select Committee has published its first Special Report summarising the committee’s interim decisions and observations so far.

You can read the report in full on Parliament’s website.

We have also put together a summary of points the Committee made on compensation, mitigation and communication that we feel have a particular relevance to Camden. You can download and read this document in the right hand column. 

The Committee urges petitioners to apply for the Need to Sell scheme before coming to select committee, so they can fully judge this scheme’s fairness.

Interestingly, the Committee state that they have ‘not ruled out the possibility’ of directing implementation of a property bond if substantial improvements to the Need to Sell scheme are not made.

The Committee also state that HS2 Ltd. should offer an element of extra compensation ‘in a limited number’ of special cases, where properties are surrounded by long-term construction activity.

Camden Council has called for a property bond and a cash offer for tenants and owner occupiers as part of the Fair Deal for London Alliance’s Compensation Charter for London.

The Committee also urges the next Government to make an early decision on whether or not to proceed with HS2 Phase 2 – a decision which could have significant implications on the design of a new Euston Station.

More information

Camden Council opposes plans for HS2 as currently proposed. If the government does go ahead with the scheme, Camden is committed to securing the best deal for our communities. Find out more here.