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HS2 Ltd reviews construction plans in approach to Euston Station

This week the Secretary of State for Transport stated that High Speed 2 (HS2) Ltd’s current review of how the tracks are constructed in the approach to Euston station “could significantly reduce impacts on rail passengers and the local community”. The Secretary of State, Chris Grayling MP, made the remarks during his announcement of the preferred route for Phase 2b of the high speed railway scheme in Parliament.

HS2 Ltd has shared early plans with the community and Council that show potential changes including lowering the tracks in the approach to Euston Station and moving the tunnel entrance further south, which could partially or completely, avoid the demolition of the Hampstead Road, Granby Terrace and Mornington Street bridges. HS2 Ltd also suggested there is scope for further opportunities to increase the amount of materials transported by rail. 

HS2 Ltd is undertaking this work under an obligation as part of the HS2 Bill to further reduce impacts of the scheme during the detailed design, construction and operation phases of the scheme. Any changes would fit within the scope of the current HS2 Bill.

HS2 Ltd plans to work up proposals with a view to presenting these to the Department for Transport in February 2017, after the HS2 Bill is expected to receive Royal Assent.

The Council welcomes HS2 Ltd seeking further ways to reduce the impacts of HS2 at Euston. Less disturbance in the construction of the tracks would reduce the environmental impact of the scheme. We have pressed HS2 Ltd to do more to remove lorries from Camden’s roads by moving construction and waste materials by rail. We made the case for transporting materials by rail to the House of Lords Select Committee in September, and we are currently awaiting the Committee’s Report. This will set out the House of Lord’s response to petitions made before them.

We are asking HS2 Ltd to keep us up to date and share information about the new proposals for the approach to Euston Station, so that the Council and the community can understand the implications of the changes as soon as possible.

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