HS2 Ltd National Temperance Hospital demolition

HS2 Ltd intends to begin demolition of the Vezey Wing of the National Temperance Hospital from 31 October 2016.

As the National Temperance Hospital is not listed and not within a conservation area, its demolition by HS2 Ltd is ‘Permitted Development’ under the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015, subject to the submission of a prior approval application.

With this type of application, the Council can only assess the method of demolition that is proposed and the restoration of the site. Things such as the architectural merits of the building or use of the site post demolition are not material and can be given no weight in the assessment.

Under the Control of Pollution Act 1974, the Council is able to impose controls on works that are noisy, polluting or occurring outside of core hours. When carrying out the demolition we require HS2 Ltd and their contractors to meet the following strict conditions when carrying out the works. These include:

  • Works to only occur during core working hours, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 1pm. No work is to occur on Sundays or public holidays.
  • People working on the site are allowed a period of up to one hour before and after these time for limited start-up and close-down activities which include:
    • Arrival and departure of the workforce.
    • Safety check and inspections of machinery – but this must not include operation.
    • Site meetings and work briefings inside site offices.
  • Compliance with the Construction Management Plan, which sets out how the impact of the works will be managed and mitigated.
  • Noise and vibration monitoring to take place and if the agreed noise trigger levels are exceeded then action must be taken to stop this happening.
  • The best and quietest machinery to be used and maintained in accordance with relevant British standards.
  • Measures to manage traffic arriving and leaving at the site, and meet the CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety) recommendations and comply with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) to ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.
  • On site staff to be told to minimise disturbance they cause residents including instructions not to loiter, not to use high-volume on radios, not to rev machinery or keep vehicles idling longer than necessary.
  • Effective supervision of staff to minimise noise impacts.
  • The contractor to notify Camden Council of any noise complaints no later than the next working day
  • To reinstate land used during works and remove litter and debris.

If there are any breaches to these conditions you can help by reporting them directly to HS2 Ltd by phone or email: 020 7944 4908 or email [email protected]

Please also let the Council know that you have reported it by sending an email to [email protected]

We expect HS2 Ltd or the Contractor to investigate complaints at the time and the findings reported to Camden Council’s noise nuisance team on the next available working date. If you feel that the noise disturbance is continuing, despite contacting the HS2 Ltd hotline, you should also report your complaint to Camden Council on 020 7974 4444 or using our online form

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