HS2 Ltd drops plans for Alexandra Place ventilation shaft

The Council welcomes HS2 Ltd’s decision to drop plans for a ventilation shaft at Alexandra Place in South Hampstead.

To build the ventilation shaft (above ground access point to the railway tunnel), HS2 Ltd would have demolished the Council-owned and grade II* listed 1-8 Langtry Walk, containing two residential and 18 commercial units. HS2 Ltd’s construction of the ventilation shaft would also have had significant noise and access impacts on residents in the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate area.

Following HS2 Ltd’s technical review that moved another ventilation shaft on the railway’s route, HS2 Ltd has confirmed that it no longer needs the Alexandra Place ventilation shaft for construction. HS2 Ltd has also confirmed that it still needs to build a ventilation shaft at Adelaide Road for safety and ventilation requirements. HS2 Ltd also plans to build ventilation shaft at Cobourg Street in Euston.

Councillor Phil Jones, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Transport & Planning
Many residents raised their concerns around the impact of HS2 Ltd’s ventilation shaft at Alexandra Place on their homes and livelihoods during the parliamentary process, and the Council also repeatedly voiced concerns about its location, so we are pleased that HS2 Ltd has listened and now dropped its plans for the ventilation shaft. This reduces the impacts in this area including those on Alexandra Place, Langtry Walk and Dinerman Court.

“However, we know that there will still be substantial negative impacts from 17 years of HS2 construction across Camden, including on residents in the area around the Adelaide Road ventilation shaft.

“We continue to hold HS2 Ltd to account on its commitments and urge HS2 Ltd to do everything it can to reduce the impact on the borough.
Councillor Phil Jones, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Transport & Planning

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