HS2 Ltd. advise of changes affecting Camden residents

HS2 Ltd. has written to Camden residents and businesses this week who may be directly affected by specific changes to HS2 Ltd.’s plans for Euston.

We are advised by HS2 that no further homes will be demolished as a result of the changes, which involve slight adjustments to the safeguarding zone.

However, access to extra land may be needed for utilities work in Ampthill Estate and Stanhope Street, while there are also changes proposed to vehicle parking arrangements and traffic management. The changes as we understand them are listed in full below.

These changes will be set out in the form of an Additional Provision (AP3) which will be deposited in Parliament for debate in the House of Commons in September.

Letters are being sent to all residents and business affected by the changes to explain how they will be affected, as part of a process callled 'Land Referencing'. 

Once AP3 is deposited, residents directly affected by the changes will have the opportunity to petition.

We are pressing HS2 Ltd. to find out precisely what the extra land will be used for. Here is our latest understanding of the areas that could be affected by these changes.

Euston area

  • Regent's Park: “Provision of replacement car parking and incorporation of a lorry park at Regent’s Park car park”.
  • Park Village East: “Change to Hybrid Bill powers over Park Village East to enable construction of deck foundations along the retaining wall.”
  • Hampstead Road: “Changes to the highway during the construction of Hampstead Road bridge may require additional highway land on a temporary basis.”
  • Ampthill Estate: “Access to additional land is required to enable the protection and/or diversion of local utilities within Ampthill Square Estate. No properties will be acquired and access will be maintained to all properties at all times”.
  • Stanhope Street: “Additional land is required to divert a gas main along Stanhope Street”.
  • Wolfson House: “Air rights required for crane oversailing over Wolfson House”.

HS1-HS2 link

  • “Removal of the HS1 Link following the Secretary of State’s decision in May 2014 which will require adjustment to the land remaining in the scheme.”
  • Juniper Crescent: “Additional right of access is being sought along Juniper Crescent to permit access back on to Chalk Farm Road”.

Alexandra Place

  • “Alexandra Place to be changed from one way to two way traffic with suspension of on street residents’ parking spaces.”
  • “Access required within the private car park at Dinerman Court, alterations to the pavement and demolition of the car park wall to allow for a vehicle turning area. Will require temporary closure of car parking spaces. No additional properties will be required and access will be maintained to properties at all times.”

What happens next?

Terraquest personnel, who represent HS2 Ltd in this matter, will contact residents by a personal visit, telephone call and letter to establish what the resident’s ‘interest’ in the land may be.

The letters are the first stage in the process of land referencing which informs the Book of Reference, a document that must be deposited with the Additional Provision and which contains the names of the owners, lessees and occupiers of all the land and property which may be compulsorily acquired or temporarily used by HS2 Ltd.

If a person’s name appears in the Book of Reference they can demonstrate that they are specially and directly affected by HS2 and therefore can petition on the Additional Provision (AP3) to the HS2 Bill.

Got questions?

The Ampthill branch of the Euston Community Representatives Group on Tuesday, 14 July, 6.30–8pm, at Ampthill Tenants Association Hall will give residents the opportunity to ask HS2 Ltd. about this directly.

If residents have questions they should contact HS2 Ltd Public Enquiries team as follows.

Telephone: 020 7944 4908 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)
Address: 19th Floor, One Canada Square, London, E14 5AB

More information

Camden Council opposes plans for HS2 as currently proposed. If the government does go ahead with the scheme, Camden is committed to securing the best deal for our communities. Find out more here.