HS2: Ensuring HS2 Ltd mitigate the impact of noise on homes

A key Assurance that Camden secured from HS2 Ltd in December was a commitment to do more to manage the impacts of HS2 on residential properties during the construction period.

HS2 Ltd has now begun implementing the assurances given to us in relation to residential mitigation by writing a first tranche of letters to 1,300 of the homes they consider will qualify for noise insulation. This represents an increase of almost an additional 300 homes from the 1,025 they originally identified in their Environmental Statement. Camden Council’s long-held view is that the impacts of HS2 construction would be greater than HS2 Ltd reported.

If you have received a letter and are interested in receiving noise mitigation, you must return the form enclosed with the letter to HS2 Ltd by 27 May 2016. HS2 Ltd will then arrange to visit you in order to discuss the application with you generally; view your home and take any necessary measurements and identify any special issues or requirements (such as any other approvals that may be required in the case of noise insulation) that take into account any heritage considerations such as the building being listed. HS2 Ltd expects to start these surveys in September 2016.

If you are a Camden tenant

We have agreed with HS2 Ltd that noise insulation will be installed at all properties that are owned by the Council and eligible for noise mitigation under the scheme. However, please make sure you complete and return the form that HS2 Ltd has sent so that they can arrange a time that suits you to visit your property.

If you are a Camden leaseholder

If you are eligible for the scheme it is up to you whether you agree to have the mitigation installed. We would encourage all leaseholders to take up the scheme if they are eligible and return the form HS2 Ltd has sent you to start this process.

If you rent your property from a private landlord

If you are not the owner of the property it is important to let the owner or landlord know about this letter and the one from HS2 Ltd. We are also writing separately to the owner of your property to let them know about HS2 Ltd’s scheme. However, please make sure you complete the form sent by HS2 Ltd with your landlord’s details so HS2 Ltd can contact them about an appropriate Noise Insulation package for your property.

If you have not received the letter but believe that you should qualify for noise mitigation.

Please contact the HS2 Helpdesk on 020 7944 4908 and they will be able to advise you.

Further Residential Mitigation

As part of the Residential Mitigation assurances, HS2 Ltd has also committed to appoint an independent assessor to survey a representative sample of homes in the Euston area to assess the impacts of HS2 construction.

The results of this independent survey will inform HS2 Ltd whether additional measures are required to reduce impacts from the scheme. Further information of the outcomes of this study will be provided over the summer this year. HS2 Ltd will provide residents with further information about this in summer 2016.

More information

Please contact the HS2 Helpdesk on 020 7944 4908.

You can find out more about HS2 Ltd’s Noise Insulation package, and read some FAQs produced by HS2 Ltd on the GOV.UK website.