HS2: AP3 motion debated in the House of Commons

On Tuesday, 15 September 2015 the House of Commons passed a motion allowing the Hybrid Bill Select Committee to consider HS2 Ltd.’s new plans for Euston.

Local MPs Keir Starmer and Tulip Siddiq took part in the debate, and along with other speakers including the new Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Lillian Greenwood, they raised the concerns of Camden residents and the Council about the plans.

MPs who participated in the debate called on HS2 Ltd. and the Government to listen to local residents and communities, and to work together with TFL and Network Rail to take a comprehensive approach at Euston.

The plans in AP3 fail to address the considerable blight Camden is set to face. The failure of HS2 Ltd., Network Rail and TFL to work together and commit to comprehensive redevelopment of the entire station risks the delivery homes, jobs, transport connections and new open space as envisaged under the Euston Area Plan.

AP3 will also bring forward some changes to Community Forum Area 3, which Tulip Siddiq raised in the debate. Additional land will be required at Alexandra Place to allow for lorry turning at Dinerman Court, and the listed ramp and the planter on the Alexandra Road Estate are due to be demolished.

The text of the debate can be read on the Parliament website.

Approval of this motion by the House of Commons now triggers a petitioning process and consultation on the Supplementary Environmental Statement published with AP3. The petitioning period will run from 25th September to 23rd October.

For more information about and help with petitioning please see the petitioning pages on Camden’s website.

More information

Camden Council opposes plans for HS2 as currently proposed. If the government does go ahead with the scheme, Camden is committed to securing the best deal for our communities. Find out more here.