History in the making as council seeks Community Land Trust to deliver affordable housing development

Camden Council is seeking expressions of interest from community groups keen to lead on delivering a new affordable housing development at 31 Daleham Gardens, South Hampstead.

It would be the first time in Camden that a Community Land Trust - a group of local people interested in developing and managing their own homes – have had so much influence over a development in their neighbourhood.

The successful group forming the Community Land Trust will be responsible for the delivery of around 14 new homes including at least 50% genuinely affordable homes.

Community Land Trusts are a legal entity. To register your interest, please complete the online form on our Community Investment Programme website.

The redevelopment at 31 Daleham Gardens will replace housing damaged by fire in 2017, where one resident tragically died.

Cllr Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities, Culture and an Inclusive Economy
Local residents always have a key role in shaping the social and affordable housing developments we deliver through our Community Investment Programme, and on this site we are delighted to support our community to take an even more active role in delivering these new homes.  

We are looking for a locally-based community-led developer, such as a Community Land Trust, with a strong local knowledge and community roots, non-profit status and focus on high quality affordable homes who would be well-placed to deliver significant affordable housing on this site with high levels of social and community value.

The new housing would be highly environmentally sustainable, accessible and bring a mix of genuinely affordable homes for people of all ages to an area that has been crying out for affordable housing.

In 2017 Daleham Gardens experienced a terrible fire and a resident sadly lost their life. Our sympathies and thoughts remain with that resident’s family and friends to this day. Local residents told us they wanted  to see affordable homes stay in the area. We hope that this affordable development, led by local people, will make for a brighter future for the site.
Cllr Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities, Culture and an Inclusive Economy