Highgate library invites residents to test out its new digital tools

As part of its commitment to ensure no resident gets left behind, Camden is investing £1.5 million into its libraries to make certain they remain open and thriving, giving everyone access to high quality digital services and the chance to succeed.

Libraries are a vital space within Camden’s neighbourhoods, providing spaces to learn, join in with activities, work, socialise and develop skills.

As part of Camden’s investment, Highgate library is giving residents the opportunity to spend time testing out brand new digital equipment, including a virtual reality headset, a 3D printer, tablets, robots, e-newspapers, new PCs, self-service kiosks and much more.

Drop in sessions and demos will run from Wednesday 12 June to Saturday 22 June for local residents and users to test out the new digital tools and give feedback.

“Like everything, libraries and how they are used are changing and we want to make sure ours remain up to date and continue to offer our residents the best possible services. As a council our goal is to ensure no one gets left behind, and these tools will give people the chance to learn new essential digital skills.

“We want to hear from residents to ensure the tools we invest in are the right ones for them. The feedback from the upcoming drop in sessions and demos will give us a clearer picture about how best to go forward.

“Highgate library is at the cutting edge of an exciting time for libraries, as we work together to redesign how they fit in the new digital landscape.”
Councillor Jonathan Simpson, Cabinet Member for Promoting Culture and Communities

For the timetable of sessions, or if you have any questions, please speak to a member of staff in the library or email [email protected]