HGV Training: Building a stronger business through apprenticeships

HGV Training is the largest supplier of HGV and Forklift Training courses in the UK. They work with individuals, and large companies who are training hundreds of drivers.

HGV Training said: "As a business, we have chosen to hire apprentices for a number of reasons.

"The process of recruiting through Camden is straightforward, and the calibre of candidates applying is high. Once they settle in and gain confidence, apprentices brings fresh ideas to existing teams.

"We enjoy passing on our skills and knowledge and we are re-energised when working with apprentices. They create better ways of doing things, our existing staff perform better and we have had significant improvements in our sales and operations.

"Apprentices have helped us improve our planning, communications and processes, helping us win new business and reduce costs. Their ideas and hard work significantly improved our invoicing processes, reducing costs by an estimated 30- 50k per year.

"They are generally more motivated and inspire our existing teams. We have also seen improvements in productivity, reduced absences and improved morale since starting the programme.

"An apprenticeship is a wonderful opportunity for both businesses and young people. If you are ready to listen and learn from your apprentice, to support them in their aims and to give them a valuable role, then your business will reap substantial rewards.

"As a local employer we want to contribute to our community and offer opportunities to young people. In business, we have to keep our customers happy and constantly evolve our products and services.

"We feel that hiring apprentices makes us a better company and enables us to be successful."