Have your say on how Camden uses your data and help us develop a data charter

Data is an important part of our lives. Many of us engage with and are sharing data about ourselves with different organisations everyday.

Whether we are aware that we are sharing personal information in this way or not, it is important to the council that all our residents understand exactly what types of personal data the council holds, how we store it safely and use it effectively and ethically to deliver council services. This is where a Data Charter can help.

Camden is developing a data charter in collaboration with residents. Together we can develop a clear policy framework and set of principles to inform and guide how we, collect, process and share the types of data we hold.

A data charter can help make sure our data decisions are ethical, reflect and protect the different and shared values we each hold when it comes to data use, now and into the future.

One way Camden is currently using and proposing to use data in new and different ways is through the Camden Resident Index (CRI) – a secure system that provides a single ‘record’ for each resident that registers, identifying the council services they are signed up for. The CRI has a number of benefits:

  • All in one place: Information on which services a resident accesses is kept in one place, meaning residents and staff no longer need to go back and forth between different areas for information or for assistance.
  • Quicker service: Council officers can locate information about a person and their needs at a glance, meaning any problems or developments can be flagged and responded to earlier and quickly.
  • Saves time: The CRI aids in the prompt fact-checking and processing of applications, including for blue badges for parking, schooling, or council housing.

We would like to hear your views

  • Is this a correct use of your data?
  • What kind of principles would you include in a data charter to ensure a person’s data was used ethically, in a way that ensured they received the best service possible from the council?

You can tell us what you think about Camden’s Data Charter online via a new Commonplace page but you and all our community groups are also invited to register to attend an online workshop. Please visit: for more information on how to get involved.

Opinions and feedback will then be collected and shared at a Residents Panel event that will be held early next year. Together with council agreement, the Residents Panel will draft a set of data ethics to be used in the final Data Charter, and then vote on the final version of the Charter.

Once developed, the Data Charter will be used alongside existing measures to ensure all projects that use data not only comply with the government’s General Data Protection Regulation data privacy laws, but also meet a high ethical standard reflecting, the shared values of the council and residents.

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