Have your say on Camden’s planning policy

Significant changes are taking place in Camden and London, with population growth causing further demand for homes, jobs and facilities. Camden Council’s planning policies are key to making sure that residents benefit from this growth and that development contributes to healthy, sustainable communities where everyone has a chance to succeed and nobody gets left behind.

Camden Council is reviewing its main planning policies to produce a new ‘Local Plan’, which will be the basis for planning decisions and future development in Camden.

Feedback from residents, groups and businesses has been used to develop Camden’s draft Local Plan, which includes the following proposals:

The Council is increasing protection for offices. In many parts of the borough there is the right to change property from office to residential use without planning permission. The Council is making use of its planning powers to remove this right. It considers that these rights have harmful social, economic and amenity impacts and restrict its ability to properly plan for the borough.

The Council is also seeking to protect pubs and music venues. These have a social, economic, cultural and historic value to the borough. Applications for the change of use, redevelopment and/or demolition of a public house must demonstrate that the proposal does not result in a deficit of provision in the local area or lead to the loss of an economically viable pub.

An example of where council policy has already assisted in protecting a local pub is the Golden Lion in Royal College Street. The local community, supported by Camden secured planning protection against change of use. These measures together removing the developer's chances of converting the building to offices, shops or flats.

Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Transport & Planningy for Transport
"Camden is a growing borough with many opportunities and challenges, and it is essential that our planning policies respond to changing circumstances. As well as providing affordable housing we need to protect our pubs and music venues, ensure that there is enough suitable available office space, prevent damaging basement construction, and boost environmental sustainability.
"Our planning policies make a significant difference to the makeup of Camden and the Local Plan consultation is an opportunity for everyone to have their say. We want as many people as possible to give their views, and to help us make sure that future development in Camden has benefits for everyone."
Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Transport & Planningy for Transport

The full draft Local Plan and further information about the consultation is available at

Camden Council is consulting on the draft Local Plan until 17 April 2015.

Camden Council carried out engagement with residents and businesses over the last year. Residents and local businesses told us that having a strong basements policy, having more affordable housing, protecting pubs, and protecting offices and other employment premises are important to them.

Following this consultation, Camden Council will consider the comments made, make appropriate amendments and then consult on a final draft of the plan later in 2015. The draft will be submitted to the government for public examination by a Planning Inspector in early 2016.

Consultation updates to our planning guidance

Camden Planning Guidance (CPG) is a set of supplementary planning documents that provides further detail to support the implementation of the Council’s adopted planning policies, the Local Development Framework Core Strategy and Development Policies. The eight CPG documents deal with design, housing, sustainability, basements, town centres and employment, amenity, transport and planning obligations.

The Council amends the Camden Planning Guidance from time to time as required to ensure that the guidance is up-to-date. We are currently consulting on the following proposed amendments:

  • CPG1 Design – updates to the waste and recycling standards, and changes related to inclusive access,
  • CPG2 Housing – updates related to the affordable rented housing type, viability assessments, deferred affordable housing contributions, and a number of other minor amendments,
  • CPG3 Sustainability – replacement of EcoHomes with BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment and other minor changes, and
  • CPG4 Basements and Lightwells – updates throughout the document to strengthen the approach

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