Happy 70th Birthday to the NHS

Today we’re celebrating the 70th birthday of the NHS and of the social care system.

Councillor Pat Callaghan, Cabinet Member for Tackling Health Inequality and Promoting Independence said:

“I always knew when I started my career in the NHS back in 1965 that I wanted to work in a caring profession, so much so that becoming a councillor many years later seemed like a natural step.

“The founder of the NHS, Nye Bevan, remains to this day a hero of mine, his idea of a health service that was free at the point of delivery came at a time when people were dying because they could not afford medical help. Seventy years on, this sadly still happens across the developed world, and the NHS is heralded as an example of how free healthcare for all can work, and is envied and admired in equal measure.

“That is not to say it is without its challenges, in my role as Cabinet Member, the ongoing need for adequate funding for both the NHS and adult social care, and how they work together to deliver services in our communities, remain a key priority for Camden.

“But today is a day for celebration, to say thank you to all our NHS staff past, present and future for the incredible difference they make every single day. It is a day for sharing our stories of how the NHS has changed our lives, or helped us through our toughest of times. And to look forward to the next seventy years of our inspiring, ground breaking NHS.”