Get yourself checked for HIV testing week

Check your HIV status this National HIV Testing Week.

There are around 107,000 people living with HIV across the country – and one quarter are unaware they have it.

HIV often has no symptoms – so it's important to get tested regularly if you are sexually active and when you change sexual partners.

The only way to know if you have been infected with HIV is to take an HIV test. Putting off having a test could be harmful to your health – if you do have HIV, you will receive the best NHS treatment and care. So the sooner you find out, the better.

Someone with undiagnosed HIV might look and feel healthy for years but the infection will damage their health if left untreated. They are also likely to pass on the infection to their sexual partners.

Get tested

There are lots of places to take a free HIV test near you – and all services are completely confidential. You can go wherever you will feel most comfortable being tested:

  • Find your nearest HIV testing clinic here.
  • Order a free HIV sampling kit online – a simple finger-prick blood test to take in the privacy of your own home.
  • Visit one of the special one-off clinics running for young people this week:

LIFT IslingtonN1 9PW: Wednesday 25 November, 4 to 7pm

The HIVENW3 6JP: Thursday 26 November, 3:30 to 7pm

Find out more

To learn more about HIV testing and having safer sex visit doitlondon.org.