Get involved in our nappy recycling trial

If you’re a new parent and are up to your ears in nappies, why not get involved in our nappy recycling service trial?

Disposable nappies should go in with your general rubbish, but because it can take up to 500 years for them to biodegrade, we are looking at ways to recycle them.

As part of this this, in March we are trialling a free collection service for disposable nappies in partnership with NappyZap.

At present the trial is only to test the system for future delivery to recycling facilities – nappies collected in the pilot will not be recycled – but we hope that if the trial is successful we will be able to offer a full recycling service at a later date and divert them from landfill.

We need your help to test the system. It’s free to take part and you can sign up online at

As part of the four week trial we’ll give you free nappy bin which you can keep after the trial is over.

To sign up email [email protected] or visit