GCSEs success for Camden’s young people

There was a mixture of excitement and exhilaration for many young people across Camden yesterday (Thursday, 24 August), as they opened their GCSE results.

This year is the first time that students received numbered grades from 1 to 9 - with 9 being the highest - for GCSE maths, English language and English literature.

A quarter of GCSE entries (25%) in Camden schools were awarded the top grades – A, A* or the new numbered grades for English and maths at 7 and above. This was 5% above the figure for all schools nationally, which was 20%.

And 72% of all GCSE entries in Camden schools were awarded a grade C or grade 4 and above (a ‘standard’ pass under the new system), which is 6% above the national figure (66%).

An impressive total of 207 entries in maths, English language and English literature in Camden were awarded the highest grade 9, which is 5% of all the borough’s GCSE entries. Students need higher marks to get the new grade 9 than to achieve an A* (equal to 8.5).

At William Ellis School, 10% of boys – a total of 12 students - achieved grade 9 in maths, while Parliament Hill School’s students achieved 27 of the new grade 9 scores in English literature and English language and eight grade 9s in maths.

At Camden School for Girls, 80% of students achieved grades 9 to 5 (a ‘strong pass’) in both English and maths.

Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council, joined boys at William Ellis School yesterday morning to congratulate them on their achievements. Among the highest achievers at William Ellis School were:

  • Sayeed Ahmed, who got the top 9 grade in maths and grade 8s in both English language and literature, as well as seven A*s in his other GCSEs
  • Mohammed Miah – 9 in maths, 8 in English literature, 7 in English language, plus three A grades, one A* and a B
  • Stanley Harrison – two 9s in maths and English language, an 8 in English literature, two A*s and six As
  • Hamsa Ali – 9 in maths, 8 in English literature, 7 in English language and seven A*s
  • Rio Carasco – 9 in maths, 6s in English language and literature, plus four As and two other GCSE passes
  • Isthiaq Ahmed - eight GCSE passes, including an 8 in maths, 6 in English literature and two A*s.

Sam White, headteacher of William Ellis School, said: “Twelve students, which is about 10% of the boys, got the top 9 grade in their GCSE maths, which is fantastic. We are delighted with the achievements of our students - a reflection of the effort that they and their teachers have put in.”

Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council
Congratulations to Camden students, and their teachers, who have worked so hard to achieve some amazing results, despite massive changes to the exam and grading system this year. I am so proud of Camden’s schools, and the community around them, which help young people from every background to succeed. Today we have seen some amazing individual success stories.

Many of our GCSE students will now join our excellent sixth forms, which have just had some very good A-level results. Others will pursue their career path through an apprenticeship, with some fantastic opportunities available locally.

We want our schools to give young people academic excellence and great opportunities to progress in their careers - but also enable them to be good citizens of the future.
Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council

Among the top performing students at Parliament Hill School, an all-girls comprehensive school, were:

  • Clara Walter – 10 GCSEs, including 9 in maths, 7 in English literature, seven A*s, and an A in her AS level maths which she took a year early. Clara was on a family holiday in France and her grandmother Ruth Walter travelled from Watford to pick up her results and then phoned Clara at a café in France with the good news. Ruth said: “She was hysterical – and absolutely delighted that she got an A* in French.”
  • Ellie Spenceley – 10 GCSEs, including 9s in both English literature and language, plus three A*s and two As
  • Ellie Adebowale – 11 GCSEs, including a 9 in maths, 7 in English language, four A*s, two As and two Bs
  • Margaux Pignet-Mayer – 11 GCSEs, including 8 in English language, 7 in English literature, 7 in maths, plus seven A*s and one A.

At Hampstead School several GCSE students achieved multiple 9s and 8s in the new numbered grades for maths and English, as well as a string of A*s in other subjects.

Top students at the school, in Westbere Road, included Isaac Healey, with ten A* or A grades, plus a 9, 8 and 7 in the new grades; Yaseen Yousaf, with eight A* or A grades, plus a 9 and two 8s; Mullahasani-Dula Era, with seven A* or A grades, plus two 9s and a 7; Neha Ahmed, with seven A* or A grades, plus two 9s and a 7; Theo McLaurin, with seven A* or As, plus two 9s and an 8 and Uatii Hengari, with seven A* or As, a 9 and two 8s.

Jacques Szemalikowski, headteacher of Hampstead School, said: “I am so pleased for the students who achieved such success today in this first year of reformed GCSEs.”

Camden Council staff were also on hand at schools yesterday, talking to young people about the wide range of apprenticeship options available in Camden.

Apprenticeship positions offer opportunities to earn while you learn, get a foot on the career ladder, and some apprentice posts can also lead to a degree. For more information visit