Further local Community Infrastructure Levy projects funded in Camden

Camden Council is continuing its progressive approach to funding local Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) projects with the approval of a further seven local CIL allocations to a range of local community groups and projects. In total this amounts to almost £300,000 of funding.

CIL is a charge by local authorities to collect funds from new developments. It can be used to fund facilities ranging from strategic projects such as improvements to roads and schools across the borough to local infrastructure projects.

Councillor Phil Jones, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Transport & Planning
“Camden has put control of 25% of the CIL it collects in the hands of the local community, through a ward councillor led system.”

“Local councillors nominate projects for funding in their respective wards based on discussion with local people. This approach means that areas impacted by new development see positive improvements to community services and facilities as a result.

“We’re seeing more and more residents and groups getting involved by suggesting great ideas that could benefit from CIL funding.”
Councillor Phil Jones, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Transport & Planning

The projects recently allocated funding are:

  • Primrose Hill Community Library
  • Upgrading of the lighting and air conditioning to the Dragon Hall, Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust
  • Under 5’s drop-in sessions and after schools clubs at Dragon Hall, Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust
  • Older People’s Befriending Service, Millman Street Community Centre
  • Creative Play and Arts for Under Fives and Carers, Bedford House Community Centre
  • Burgh House Renaissance Appeal, Hampstead

There is currently £2.5 million in total available to be allocated across the whole of Camden for local projects. The amount of CIL collected depends on the level of development which has come forward within a ward in the last year.

The remaining 75% of the Camden CIL collected will be used to fund the general infrastructure needed to support growth such as transport and schools improvements. In the coming years CIL will be making a £22 million contribution to the Camden Capital Programmes which will deliver this infrastructure. Section 106 developer financial contributions will continue to be used to fund more site specific infrastructure work and affordable housing.

You can read more information about Camden’s Community Infrastructure Levy and how we intend to spend the payments on our website: