Friday 9 November 2018 - The latest news and updates from the Chalcots Estate

Share your feedback on the tender assessment

  • We told you in the summer that the council has gone to tender for the works on your estate. The deadline for bids was 7 November 2018 for the Chalcots works which includes replacing the cladding, windows and curtain wall on all five blocks.
  • Next week a TRA representative from each block will be assessing a presentation by contractors. The nominated TRA reps attending will ask the contractors questions about how they plan to work with and engage residents, the approach they will take to carrying out the works, and how they will manage quality control of the works.
  • This an important opportunity for the voice of residents to be heard in the tender process and help ensure we secure the best quality contractor for these works.
  • A tender is a controlled and complex legal process with rules that need to be carefully followed, whether for a major works project at the Chalcots or the school meals service. Everyone involved, whether they are residents or council staff, has to sign a confidentiality agreement and won’t be able to share the information provided by the contractors or the conversations taking place around it.
  • Please respect that your TRA rep will be legally bound by this confidentiality agreement and will not be able to share any information provided at the resident presentation.

Dorney gas supply

  • Due to a fault with the main gas meter for the block, the gas supply to Dorney was switched off on Tuesday (30 October) and unfortunately it remained off until the following afternoon. Electrical supply was also lost to five floors for a period of time.
  • Staff worked round the clock to source a replacement meter and to recommission the gas supply as quickly as possible. The council worked with UK Power Networks to repair the electricity supply which was a fault on the main fuse board. All services were restored during Wednesday evening.
  • We would like to thank all of the residents in Dorney for providing access and bearing with us while we put services back on.

Replacement windows risk assessment

  • In the last newsletter, we told you that TRA reps and local councillors asked for more clarity on the replacement window risk assessment before it can be finalised.
  • We are currently working on this and will present the updated risk assessment to your TRA reps as soon as it is complete.

Cladding engagement event update

  • We are holding an engagement event in December for Chalcots residents and other residents in the area to discuss a change to your proposed cladding. We will be submitting a planning amendment before we replace the cladding on your building because we now know that the panels will look slightly different to before.
  • The event will be held on Tuesday 11 December at Swiss Cottage Library.
  • Residents will have the opportunity to speak with technical experts and Camden officers and find out more about the planning amendment to your cladding as well as see real samples of the proposed cladding panels.
  • Don’t worry if you’re not able to attend the event as the information will be displayed at the main atrium of the library until 5pm on Monday 17 December.

Update on mast climber removal

We are pleased to report that we have made good progress on the removal of the mast climbers. The mast climbers have been removed from Bray, Blashford and Burnham. We will provide an update in the coming weeks on Taplow and Dorney blocks.

Looking out for vulnerable neighbours

  • Your vulnerable neighbours are more prone to falling ill during the winter months and we want to make sure they have all the support they need. If you are concerned about vulnerable or older neighbours during the cold weather, please let your housing officer know or call Contact Camden on 020 7974 4444 (option 7).
  • For general winter wellness for yourself, family and friends there are lots of tips and advice for you to follow at

The Chalcots Works Group is held at the estate with TRA reps, councillors and council officers in attendance and is chaired by a TRA rep. They meet regularly to discuss works matters on the estate. This newsletter includes feedback from the Chalcots Works Group on Thursday 25 October. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 14 November.

If you have questions about this newsletter please contact [email protected]