Friday 23 November 2018 - The latest news and updates from the Chalcots Estate

Contractors leaving site

  • On Friday 30 November, Kier and Mulalley will be leaving the site as their contract with us has come to an end. We will stop placing new appointments for fire stopping works with Mulalley and Kier and all new appointments will be placed with Wates. This is to simplify arrangements and will mean we are working with just one contractor across the estate for the remaining works.
  • If fire stopping works are already in progress in a particular flat on 30 November, Kier and Mulalley will see these through to completion.
  • Quality assurance works will continue onsite, which involves checking over work that has already been done.
  • Mulalley and Kier leaving site will also mean some changes to the staff that you will see around the estate. We will update you with the names and contact details of staff in the next newsletter.
  • If you have any questions about these changes please contact Mike Bennett on 020 7974 1948 or or Donna Peters on 020 7974 3889 or

An update on scaffolding removal

  • In recent newsletters we told you that council officers met with local councillors and TRA representatives from each block to assess the removal of the scaffolding from your blocks. Since then, the council has shared proposals for removing the scaffolding and we can now confirm that the scaffolding will be removed from Bray, Burnham, Dorney and Taplow.
  • When the scaffolding is removed from the four blocks, it will be replaced with smaller scaffolding platforms to protect the main entrances and exits. There will also be protective fencing around the ground floor where required. These adaptations have been designed to provide improved natural lighting to the ground and first floor flats.
  • At Blashford, due to its layout, we will leave some of the current scaffolding in place and make changes to the side of the block facing the playground (Primrose Hill Road) and to the side facing the railway tracks.
  • Work to remove the crash decks from Burnham on the Fellows Road side has begun following the installation of the window safety mechanisms at the block. Work started at Dorney and Blashford earlier this week and work will begin on Bray and Taplow next week Monday 26 November.

Have you returned your signed asbestos forms?

  • Thank you to all residents who have given access for asbestos surveys. After your survey is complete you need to read, sign and return an asbestos property information (API) form which summarises your test results. It is important that you understand this form and return a signed copy to us so that we can progress to the next stage in the programme of works.
  • Some residents have completed and returned these forms, either in the post or during an appointment with an RLO.
  • If you have not received or returned your API form you will need to book an appointment with Mike Bennett or your RLO as soon as possible.
  • To book or if you have any questions about your API form, contact Mike Bennett at or on 020 7974 1948 or contact your RLO.

Keeping our residents and contractors safe

  • We have received reports of objects and food being thrown out of windows at the Chalcots Estate. In some instances, items have been thrown at contractors whilst they work. Throwing objects out of your windows can cause serious harm and injury to the people on the scaffolding and on the ground. The council takes this dangerous behaviour very seriously and all reports will be immediately and thoroughly investigated and acted upon.
  • We know that the vast majority of residents on the Chalcots behave appropriately towards each other, contractors and staff at all times but if you see any instances of antisocial or inappropriate behaviour, please report it to your housing officer. If it occurs during out of hours or at the weekend please call the onsite security team on 07903 232 592. This line is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week but if the phone is engaged leave a message and we will call you back. We remind residents that all of our security officers wear body cameras for the safety of everyone on the estate.

Managing damp

As the weather gets colder, we remind you of the ways you can control the balance between temperature, humidity and ventilation to prevent damp in your home:

  • Maintain a comfortable temperature as increased humidity can cause damp. It’s better to have a low even temperature in all rooms than a high temperature in some.
  • Reduce moisture by closing your bathroom door when bathing and closing your kitchen door when cooking. Use saucepan lids while you cook.
  • Keep your home ventilated by opening your windows now and again.
  • Try to create spaces between your furniture and walls. Furniture pushed up against walls can trap moisture and increase damp.
  • In the event that you do get mould, try to clean it as soon as possible using effective cleaners that kill spores.

If have concerns about damp or mould in your home, please call 020 7974 4444 (option 7). You might also want to consider being a part of a pilot study to help you better understand how damp occurs in your home and learn about better ways to deal with it. Call 0207 974 6563 or email or to take part or find out more.

The Chalcots Works Group is held at the estate with TRA reps, councillors and council officers in attendance and is chaired by a TRA rep. They meet regularly to discuss works matters on the estate. This newsletter includes feedback from the Chalcots Works Group on Wednesday 7 November. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 28 November.

You can request a copy of this newsletter in large print, audio format or in another language by calling 020 7974 5717.

If you have questions about this newsletter please contact