Friday 22 June 2018 - The latest news and updates from the Chalcots Estate

The Chalcots Works Group is held at the estate with TRA reps, councillors and council officers in attendance and is chaired by a TRA rep. They meet regularly to discuss works matters on the estate. This newsletter includes feedback from the Chalcots Works Group Meeting, Wednesday 13 June 2018, present at the meeting were representatives from Blashford, Taplow, Burnham, Bray and Dorney.

We will now be sending this newsletter every two weeks on a trial basis, which we will keep under review. The Chalcots Works Group has been informed of this trial and we will of course continue to update you about any urgent matters with additional letters or posters.

Thank you

Tomorrow (Saturday 23 June 2018), is one year since we evacuated residents from Burnham, Bray, Dorney and Taplow. We would like to thank all residents on the Chalcots Estate for your continued patience and cooperation throughout the disruption of the internal and external works to your homes.

We would also like to thank the TRAs for their support engaging and involving residents over the last 12 months. The enthusiasm and dedication of the TRA volunteers has been crucial in communicating with residents, contractors and the council and we look forward to working together to provide the best possible service for residents as the works progress.

Independent review

  • Leader of the Council Georgia Gould sent you a letter on Monday 18 June to tell you that Marian Harrington, Chair of the Chalcots Independent Review has now completed her final phase one report. The report looks at the evacuation and emergency management, using evidence gathered from council staff, the fire brigade and residents.
  • Marian Harrington will present her report to the council on Monday afternoon (25 June) and we will publish it on our website at 1.30pm. A printed copy of the report will be available at Swiss Cottage Library from next Tuesday, please ask at the enquiry desk if you would like to borrow it. If you would like to receive a copy of the report by email once published please contact [email protected]

Window options feedback

  • The deadline for telling us your views on the window options via our survey and feedback form has now passed. Thank you to everyone who came to the events, shared your window preferences and told us what is most important to you about your windows. Your feedback is really important for helping the council decide which windows are best for your blocks. We expect to make this decision in the summer and we will write to you to let you know how your feedback contributed.
  • A paper including feedback on the replacement windows will be going to housing scrutiny on Monday 23 July which you will be able to read. As usual residents are able to attend this meeting and we will let you know more details on that process in future newsletters.
  • It was raised at the Chalcots Works Group meeting that residents wanted more clarity on the window restrictors and what they will be used for. We remind residents that when fitted, all window options will have restrictors on them. Restrictors limit how far you can open your window, and restrictors opened beyond 10cm will require adult supervision. There is some information on the restrictors included in our windows option leaflet. We will hold another event later in the year once a contractor has been appointed to discuss the chosen window with you and additional details including the restrictors.

Wellbeing support available for residents

We want to remind you that there are a number of support services available to Chalcots residents. If you have a housing issue your first point of contact should always be your housing officer. If you live in Dorney, Bray or Blashford your housing officer is Segun Kenku [email protected] and if you live in Taplow or Burnham, your housing officer is Ramona Damiean [email protected]

The floating support service are also available for general help and support but if you have specific wellbeing needs you can also access support including:

  • The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust – this service offer support to residents through a telephone conversation. Referrals can be made by calling the Camden Joint Intake Service on 020 8938 2241.
  • The Anna Freud Centre – parents who are concerned about children or teenagers can receive support as part of Anna Freud’s Parent Consultation Service (PCS). Parents are encouraged to call Laura Baver on 020 7443 2261. Anna Freud also offers a Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention service – call David Trickey on 020 7794 2313.


  • This week we have received a number of reports of racist and homophobic graffiti in some of the lifts. This constitutes a hate crime which we take very seriously. To report vandalism or other antisocial behaviour during the week contact your housing officer and out of hours or at the weekend please call the onsite security team on 07903 232 592. This line is monitored 24 hours a day but if the phone is engaged leave a message and we will call you back.
  • It is important that you report any vandalism or new graffiti as soon as you see it so that we are able to review the CCTV footage as early as possible and identify the offenders.

Blashford temporary storage removed

  • Following discussion with the Chalcots Works Group the temporary storage inside the playground next to Blashford has been removed, making the space safer for children to use.