Friday 22 February 2019 – The latest news and updates from the Chalcots Estate

An update on the next stage of works

  • Earlier this year we told you that Wates had been appointed as the contractor to carry out the works to replace the cladding and curtain wall, including the windows, subject to the contract being signed. We are currently working with Wates to finalise the contract.
  • Whilst we wait for this to be finalised, Wates have started their initial work on the design of the new cladding system and are looking at how they will prepare for the works.
  • Before the contract is signed, we will also need to decide on the type of window that will be installed. We will keep you updated on our progress. We apologise that this is taking longer than we expected.
  • Once the contract had been signed and agreed, we will be holding an engagement event to introduce you to Wates and give you more information about the programme of works, including the timelines and how the work will be managed in your flat.

Preparation work starting on site

  • This month there will be more Wates operatives on the estate continuing to carry out surveys on the blocks. This is part of the preparation work and design for the next stage of works.
  • In March they will begin internal and external structural surveys including concrete sampling. The internal tests will take place on a number of void properties. You may hear occasional noise from drilling during normal working hours (between 9am and 5pm) while these internal surveys are carried out.
  • This will not impact the properties that are in the Chalcots Local Lettings Plan. See information below.
  • The external surveys will involve temporary scaffolding decks going up on small sections of the lower floors. This will only be for a few days and the scaffolding will be taken down again.
  • We will update you on the timings of these works and where they will happen closer to the time. We thank you for your patience as these essential works are carried out.

Saturday appointments available for fire stopping works

  • Thank you to residents who have allowed access as we continue to carry out fire stopping works across the estate.
  • If you are unable to schedule an appointment on weekdays there is the option to book Saturday appointments. If you have not yet booked your appointment for these works, please contact your RLO or Mike Bennett on 020 7974 1948 or [email protected]

Tell us about your fire doors

  • Last year we fitted every flat in the Chalcots with a new fire door. We want to check the quality of your door and ensure it is in good working order.
  • We have enclosed a form with this newsletter to find out if you are having any issues with your door. Please complete and return it to the Wates office based in the Bray car park.
  • If you have any questions or need help completing or returning your form please contact Donna Peters on 020 7974 3889 or [email protected] or contact Mike Bennett on 020 7974 1948 or [email protected]

Winter heating consumption payments

  • We have been processing payments to Blashford residents who are not on the council’s gas system for additional gas heating consumption costs. We apologise that some of these payments have taken longer to process than expected.
  • If you have confirmed your details for this winter with Contact Camden you will receive the remaining payments from October 2018 to April 2019 by next month (March).
  • If you have not done so already, you will need to call Contact Camden on 020 7974 4444 to set up your payment for this winter. You will need your council tax reference number to confirm your eligibility as a Blashford resident.

Local lettings plan update

  • The deadline for residents on the housing register to bid on the unoccupied homes at the Chalcots Estate has now passed.
  • We received a number of bids from Chalcots residents for all of the available flats which are now being processed. Successful bidders will be contacted to attend viewings in late February and early March.
  • We are looking to put more empty Chalcots properties on the local lettings plan in the future. In the meantime, please make sure you are eligible to bid by completing the housing application form at
  • If you were not eligible for the local lettings plan but would like to move to a home that better suits your needs, find out about the options available to you at
  • If you have any questions about the local lettings plan or moving from your council home please call Contact Camden on 020 7974 4444, option 7 or speak to your housing officer.

The way you pay for water is changing

If you’re a council tenant, from April 2019 you will need to pay Thames Water for your water instead of paying the council with your rent.

What do I need to do?

Visit or call 0800 009 4238 free to:

  • Make sure Thames Water has the correct personal details for you.
  • Tell Thames Water how you’d like to pay your bill.
  • Find out if you are eligible for a discount of up to 50 per cent on your water bill with Watersure Plus, a special tariff for households earning £19,201 or under (not including any income you get from disability benefits).

Find out more at email [email protected] or call 020 7974 4444.


The Chalcots Works Group is held at the estate with TRA reps, councillors and council officers in attendance and is chaired by a TRA rep. They meet regularly to discuss works matters on the estate. This newsletter includes feedback from the Chalcots Works Group on Wednesday 13 February. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 27 February. You can request a copy of this newsletter in large print, audio format or in another language by calling 020 7974 5717. If you have questions about this newsletter please contact [email protected]