Friday 13 April 2018 - The latest news and updates from the Chalcots Estate

Progress across the Chalcots

  • As part of Camden’s enhanced approach to fire safety, we are undertaking additional fire-stopping works where required across all of our residential blocks. These works sometimes involve improving compartmentation works between flats, for example there might be a space in a duct or wall between two flats for a pipe to pass through.
  • Now that significant progress has been made with the urgent fire safety works on the Chalcots, we are progressing works as required within your homes. To do this we require access to your home so that we can carry out a survey and install additional fire-stopping material between flats if this is required. We will make an appointment with you to complete this work, if you would like to know more please email [email protected].
  • In order to complete the compartmentation works between flats, we will be carrying out asbestos surveys. This is standard practice and a legal requirement for all homes and we do this before starting works that disturb the original fabric of the building. Asbestos does not pose a risk if left undisturbed. You will be notified of any asbestos surveys to be completed in your flat and once completed you can access the survey report by e-mailing [email protected].
  • Whilst we have made significant progress with works such as the door installation, there will be snagging or decorative issues in some blocks. We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. If you would like to report any issues please call 020 7974 4444 (option 7).


  • There has been a recent increase in cases of vandalism across the Chalcots Estate. This includes serious damage to communal doors, as well as deliberate damage to the emergency lighting.
  • Damage to the communal doors and emergency lighting compromises the safety of everyone in your block. If you see something that has been damaged please report it to your housing officer or call 020 7974 4444 (option 7).
  • We will be investigating these instances of vandalism. If you have any information to share regarding these incidents, please let your housing officer know or call 020 7974 4444 (option 7). In the meantime, we ask that you do not allow people you do not know into the blocks and ensure that the entrance doors are closed behind you.
  • We remind residents that there is still an additional security presence available on the estate. If you are concerned about security, vandalism or see something suspicious, you can report it 24 hour a day to the duty security officer on 07903 232592 (or 020 7974 4444 (option 7) if the officer is temporarily unavailable).


Feedback from TRA technical meeting, Wednesday 11 March 2018, present Blashford, Taplow, Burnham, Bray and Dorney
  • The TRA group expressed concern over the asbestos surveys carried out as part of compartmentation works in each flat. Camden advised that asbestos surveys are required when undertaking this kind of intrusive work. The TRA said that residents would appreciate more detail about the works being completed and access to reports following the asbestos surveys.
  • There was discussion about recent vandalism in the blocks. The TRA said that there had been an increase in incidents and suggested it could be due to non-residents coming into the building. The TRA said that it would be useful to liaise with security and the local Safer Neighbourhood Team about the problem.
  • There were further questions from the TRA group around the remit of the fire marshals and the security staff. The TRA asked for more clarity around this.
  • It was noted that Virgin Media had been installing connection boxes external to flats. Camden said both Virgin Media and affected residents had been notified and that this was to cease.
  • The TRA raised ongoing issues with rubbish outside of Dorney. Camden said that they hoped to be able to relocate the waste collection area by the end of April and an updated will be provided.
  • Issues were also raised regarding call outs for Rydon. Camden said they would investigate this as well.
  • The TRA asked for clarity on the process around keys breaking in locks. They requested the contact details for an out of hours locksmith.