Friday 12 October 2018 - The latest news and updates from the Chalcots Estate

Your current windows

  • At the Chalcots Works Meeting the TRAs asked for an update on the safety mechanism we will be adding to the outside of your current windows. These are metal cables that will protect the hinges and act as a safety restraint in the event of high winds over the winter. They will be fitted near the hinges on the outside of your window – you will still be able to open your window as normal.
  • We have fitted the metal cables to some windows on the blocks for testing. We are pleased with the test results and will soon let you know timings for installation on your windows.

Mast climbers update

The mast climbers at Burnham have been dismantled and removed, and work has started to remove Taplow and Blashford. Updated timelines as requested by the TRAs are set out below:

  • Taplow: work started Monday, 1 October and will be complete in one to two weeks.
  • Blashford: work started Monday, 8 October and will be complete next week.
  • Bray: work starts Monday, 15 October and will take three to four weeks to complete.
  • Dorney: work starts Monday, 15 October and will take three weeks to complete.

Scaffolding update

The mast climbers from all blocks are being removed over the next four to six weeks and we are now investigating the possibility of removing the scaffolding on a block by block basis. We know from our conversations with the TRAs and other residents that you are keen to know what will happen to the scaffolding, but as safety is our priority we need to take time to ensure that we are making the right decision for everyone on the estate. A block by block assessment involving the TRA reps will take place next week. We will have a full update on scaffolding in our next newsletter.

£400 raised for MacMillan Cancer Support

Thank you to everyone who baked, donated, bought and ate cakes as part of the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning in support of MacMillan. Organised by TRA reps Mandy Ryan and Kalice Cooke, the coffee morning at Taplow on 28 September was a big hit with residents, Camden staff and contractors and we are pleased to announce that it raised £400 for MacMillan, which will go towards help everyone living with cancer to live life as fully as they can.

Lift inspections

Residents will be aware that there have been a number of lift breakdowns in recent weeks across the estate and particularly in Dorney Tower. Lift inspections are currently being carried out on all lifts on the estate and this may result in lifts being out of service for a short time while they are inspected. Signs will be in place with specific timings for each block. Thank you for your patience as these inspections are carried out to improve your service.

Clarity on asbestos surveys

  • We’re really grateful to everyone who has given us access to their flats to allow us to carry out two essential asbestos surveys. This means that we are closer to moving on to the next stage of the works and releasing some of the contractors from the site. There are now less than 40 flats who haven’t given access.
  • The first survey was the asbestos refurbishment survey which for most people took place at around the same time your door was replaced last year. The survey that we need access for most urgently is the asbestos management survey. The survey involves taking photos and small scrapings of surfaces like ceilings or floor tiles and should not be disruptive. If you have any questions please contact Mike Bennett on 07813 143 023 or [email protected]
  • If you haven’t given access for either of these surveys please contact your RLO to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

Identifying staff and contractors

There have been some recent changes to your RLO staff so you may see some new faces around your estate. This ensures there is now one dedicated RLO for each block to get the best support:

  • Blashford residents can now contact Kevin Rogerson from Wates on 07864 246 899 or email [email protected]
  • Bray residents can now contact Spinder Baines from Kier on 07850 956 657 or email [email protected]
  • Burnham residents can now contact Jefferson Imgbi from Wates on 07864 246 900 or email [email protected]
  • Dorney residents can still contact Sue Speller on 07939 158 509 or email [email protected]
  • Taplow residents can still contact Nadeem Ahmed from Kier on 07927 005 175 or email [email protected]
  • Alternatively, you can contact Camden officers Donna Peters on 020 7974 3889 or [email protected] or Mike Bennett on 07813 143 023 or [email protected] with any works queries.
  • It was raised in the Chalcots Works Group meeting that staff and contractors are not always wearing ID on the estate. We have flagged this with our contractors to ensure that staff are wearing ID at all times.
  • Please do not allow anyone access to your flat without the relevant ID. To confirm the identity of contractors, contact your RLO.

The Chalcots Works Group is held at the estate with TRA reps, councillors and council officers in attendance and is chaired by a TRA rep. They meet regularly to discuss works matters on the estate. This newsletter includes feedback from the Chalcots Works Group meeting on Wednesday 26 September and Wednesday 3 October, present at the meeting were representatives from Blashford, Taplow, Burnham, Bray and Dorney. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 10 October.