Friday 11 May 2018 - The latest news and updates from the Chalcots Estate

New maintenance arrangements

We wrote to you last Friday to tell you about new maintenance arrangements at the Chalcots Estate. Camden Council and our contractor BTU have now taken over responsibility for heating maintenance from United Living. If you have an issue with your heating, hot water or boiler you can report it and arrange an appointment for repairs by calling Camden Council on 020 7974 4444 (option 3, followed by option 1 and select ‘Hampstead’). Our emergency call out service will continue to be available on the same number 24 hours a day.

A following letter was sent to you on Wednesday about the changes to the estate maintenance arrangements. We anticipate other PFIC subcontractors may stop providing repairs and maintenance services at the Chalcots Estate in the near future. We are preparing to take over these services when required and we will write to all residents soon when we can confirm any changes.

Rydon currently cover building repairs to flats and communal areas in your block. This includes some electrical repairs in communal areas like lighting and automatic opening vents. If you need a repair (apart from heating and hot water) you still need to report them as normal to Rydon on 020 7288 8322.

If you are a leaseholder you continue to be responsible for your own internal repairs. Where you use maintenance services provided by Rydon you will need to follow the advice above.

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We remind you that all residents with estate car parking permits have been offered a bay in one of the reopened car parks. If you have agreed to return to a car park, your on street permit is no longer valid and you will be ticketed if your car is parked on the street.

If you have opted to park on street you must apply and pay for an on street permit. Details on how to do this are available online at

If you have not received permit confirmation from the council for all of your vehicles, payment has not been taken or you are unsure about which permit you need, please call 020 7974 4444.

Feedback from TRA technical meeting, Wednesday 9 May 2018, present Blashford, Taplow, Burnham, Bray and Dorney

The TRA group asked for more information about asbestos checks. Camden confirmed that properties are receiving asbestos surveys as a legal requirement. This is to ensure all risks are identified before works start that could disturb the original fabric of the building. The surveys are necessary to ensure the safety of residents, visitors and operatives.

The TRA group asked when asbestos survey results will be available and Camden said that the results will be processed internally and then shared. Camden confirmed that the asbestos surveys were relatively quick and involved taking small samples from areas to be worked on as part of the current works. Camden also confirmed that the vast majority of asbestos containing materials did not pose a risk unless they were disturbed, hence the need to check before works start.

The TRA group raised the removal of rubbish from communal areas. Camden Council said that as the final works to the ceiling hatches in the communal areas are being completed, litter has accumulated from a number of sources but contractors are ensuring that all rubbish is removed.

Camden said that they had had numerous reports of deliberate vandalism against work done and debris landing on the mast climbers and scaffold below, including cigarettes, paper, stones and even used cooking oil. Camden said that they will take immediate action against all offenders damaging property or throwing litter from windows.

The TRA group asked for confirmation of the compartmentation works carried out to the gas risers. Camden confirmed that the gas riser compartmentation had been completed as part of the works last summer and officers would meet with TRA reps to talk through how this had been done.