Free corporate social responsibility training for businesses in London

Get free corporate social responsibility (CSR) training and support for a year through Heart of the City’s Newcomers programme.

Heart of the City is a London-based support network made up of 700 businesses and provides a forum for companies to share their knowledge and experiences of CSR.

The Newcomers business programme enables companies to grasp responsible business concepts and best practice so they can start taking action quickly and cost-effectively.

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of having a good CSR strategy - a recent survey found that two-thirds of millennials would be likely to invest in a company well-known for its corporate social responsibility program, compared with less than half of adults over 34.

Last year the business involved in the free training programme gave over £19 million in charitable contributions and 98% of them developed waste reduction and recycling initiatives.

To find out how to get involved call 020 7332 3848 or visit for more information.