Free business courses for residents

Camden Council has invested £23,500 to enable PopUp Business School to run a free online business start-up course for Camden residents in September.

The two-week course is aimed at residents who want to start or restart their own business and runs from 10am-3pm, Monday 7 – Friday 18 September. Residents can sign up for this course today.

Ahead of this, Camden Council has also funded PopUp Business School to run a business resilience course, aimed at helping current Camden businesses affected by Covid-19, between Monday 10 to Wednesday 12 August. Businesses can sign up for this course today.

The courses will be tailored specifically for the post-COVID-19 business and working environment. Topics covered will include starting a business with no money, sales, starting a website without coding skills, social media, tax and accountancy, motivation, networking, search engine optimisation and securing returning customers.

Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities and an Inclusive Economy
We know that these are very difficult times for our businesses in dealing with the ongoing impacts of the pandemic. Alongside grants and support to improve our high streets, we are also funding these short courses on business resilience, to offer further advice and support to help our businesses adapt and thrive.

“We know there is so much creativity, energy and new ideas amongst our residents – and now may be the moment they are looking to change their career or take the leap to start their own business for the first time, yet perhaps they are not sure where to start. These free PopUp Business School courses will provide the answers to those questions, helping would-be entrepreneurs to get up and running with their ideas. We’re looking to support residents that reflect the diversity in Camden, helping them realise their ambitions and create great new businesses and jobs.
Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities and an Inclusive Economy

Simon Paine, PopUp Business School co-founder and CEO, said: "There’s nothing better than meeting someone with no business experience and guiding them through their first sale - it can transform lives.

“You don’t need money, experience or a university degree to start a business. You just need an idea, some passion and a bit of help.

“Many of those attending will leave with a business and a first sale. Those who don’t will still take away business skills, practical advice and confidence.”

The online start-up training schedule for residents includes a mix of practical sessions, one-to-one coaching, workshop sessions and local peer support that local Camden residents can attend from their homes. The two week course culminates in a graduation day with certificates for participants.

45-55% of people that attend the PopUp Business School get a business or micro-enterprise off the ground.


Notes to editors

The PopUp Business School welcomes people of all ages who are thinking about self-employment. Whether you are at the beginning of your start-up journey, or an already established business looking for new ways to grow and adapt, the course aims to provide the information, inspiration and practical advice to teach you how to build and evolve your business.

For more information or to book a free place:

Business Resilience 10-12 August: popupbusinessschool.co.uk/camden-resilience

Business StartUp 7-18 September: popupbusinessschool.co.uk/camden-startup


PopUp Business School was founded in 2012 by Alan Donegan and Simon Paine and helps people from all walks of life to start their own businesses. Its mission is to change the way entrepreneurship is taught across the world. It has educated over 7000 people in seven different countries through free events and helped launch 967 businesses in 2019 alone. Its work has been backed by organisations including Google, Henley Business School and the Department for Work and Pensions. The PopUp Business School is the best business advice that money can't buy - all of its events are free.

  • The PopUp Business School was founded in 2012 to give business and enterprise skills to people that need it the most 
  • The PopUp Business School approach is the complete opposite to traditional start-up support
  • Co-founders of the PopUp Business School are Alan Donegan and Simon Paine
  • 98% of participants experience a significant boost in their confidence, business skills and ability to make things happen.
  • Find out more about the impact of PopUp Business School around the world at https://www.popupbusinessschool.co.uk/impact.html