Free business courses for residents in 2021

Camden Council has partnered with Rebel Business School to run free online business start-up courses for Camden residents this year.

Run by Rebel Business School, formerly PopUp Business School, the two-week courses are aimed at residents who want to start or restart their own business, helping inspire attendees to find the confidence to develop their own business ideas.

Tailored for developing business now that national coronavirus restrictions are easing, topics will include starting a business with no money, sales, starting a website without coding skills, social media, tax and accountancy, motivation, networking, search engine optimisation and securing returning customers.

Although the courses will be held virtually, it is also intended to arrange socially distanced in-person meetings in the community, once it is safe to do so, to help combat the digital divide and the challenges that can come from home learning experienced by residents.

Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities, Culture and an Inclusive Economy
“We know that it has been very difficult for our businesses who have had to deal with the many impacts of the pandemic over the past year.

 “Alongside grants and support to improve our high streets, and following the success of last year’s courses, we are funding further courses to offer advice and support to help our businesses adapt and thrive.

“I know that our residents are renowned for their energy and creativity in all walks of life, and given the steady progress towards a more stable future, now might be the ideal moment they are looking for to change their career or take the leap to start their own business for the first time.

 “These free Rebel Business School courses will provide a valuable starting point helping would-be entrepreneurs to get up and running with their ideas, helping to support residents that reflect the diversity in Camden realise their ambitions and create great new businesses and jobs.”
Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities, Culture and an Inclusive Economy
Simon Paine, Rebel Business School co-founder and CEO
“We know Camden has been hit hard over the past year with businesses closed and people being ill, or worse.

“But we believe things will get better and want to help people focus on the next chapter of their lives, where they are in control and doing something they love. The country is slowly emerging from lockdown, and it’s going to be a very different world.

“Things can get better if people focus on the next chapter of their lives, put themselves in control and do something they love.

“We encourage people to rebel against the idea that 2021 is going to be bad because of what’s happened up until now. It could be a great year if they want it to be. Everything has changed, the world has been shaken up and people who get moving can take advantage of the new situation.”
Simon Paine, Rebel Business School co-founder and CEO
Zoe, a Camden resident who attended the course
“Following the impact of Covid and lockdown, I needed to find something that would allow me to get back on track with my life and start rebuilding for the future. I had no clue of where to start but luckily, I came across the opportunity to apply for Rebel Business School via a council email.
“The times of the course meant it perfectly fitted into the school time schedule meaning I could do the school run either side without having to rush. After the first hour of the course, I was so inspired and enthusiastic that I was hooked.

 “The course was filled to the brim with practical tips, success stories and tailored advice that anyone could apply to their business. Having the consistency of a routine for the two weeks the course lasted was invaluable to begin a new healthy working habits and create a structure that worked for me as the country attempted to return to a ‘new normal’.”
Zoe, a Camden resident who attended the course

The online start-up training schedule for residents includes a mix of practical sessions, one-to-one coaching, workshop sessions and local peer support that local Camden residents can attend from their homes. 

Further information

The Rebel Business School welcomes people of all ages who are thinking about self-employment. Whether you are at the beginning of your start-up journey, or an already established business looking for new ways to grow and adapt, the course aims to provide the information, inspiration and practical advice to teach you how to build and evolve your business.

You can find more information or book a free place online