Fire Brigade confirm that there is no need to evacuate Blashford Tower

Leader of Camden Council, Georgia Gould, said:

"We are very pleased to be able to tell residents of Blashford Tower on the Chalcots Estate that London Fire Brigade have advised us that they do not need to leave their flats. We will not be evacuating the tower, and if any residents have already gone to temporary accommodation they can return home either tonight or in the morning.

"There are several design elements at Blashford Tower that differ from the other four tower blocks on the estate and the London Fire Brigade and Camden Council have been working overnight to establish if it is safe for residents. The building is not as tall, and is smaller than the other four. The fire doors at Blashford are substantially different from those in the other blocks, and Camden Council staff and contractors have been in the building carrying out works to clear corridors and enhance fire safety. Additional fire protection work in communal areas is underway. There are security staff patrolling the building. The Fire Brigade have, in the last hour, given us their assurance that due to these measures, the building is safe for residents."


Bob O’Toole, Chair of the Chalcots Estate Tenants and Residents Association and Hampstead District Management Committee, said:

"I’m delighted with the news that residents can stay in Blashford Tower. The Council has worked tremendously hard with us here at the Tenants and Residents Association to take measures to make sure that the building is safe, and to put residents’ minds at rest."

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