Fewer delivery vans and less pollution in Camden

We’ve agreed to go ahead with a new way of delivering goods within the borough to our buildings, and will be working with partners to extend this within Camden and the North London area.

This new approach helps reduce congestion, air pollution and noise on the roads and it follows a successful one year pilot scheme with Borough partners Enfield, Waltham Forest and Islington.

The London Boroughs Consolidation Centre (LBCC) pilot project has resulted in over 80 of the Council’s suppliers delivering their goods to a consolidation centre operated by DHL in Edmonton, North London. On arriving at the centre, the goods are grouped together into fewer onward deliveries which are driven to their final destination in the city. So there are fewer vans, which carry more goods, and so ensure a reduction in congestion and pollution.

The pilot has shown that environmental and operational benefits for residents, businesses and Council staff can be achieved. It has seen 50,000 items delivered to over 250 council buildings so far, leading to a 46% reduction in the number of vehicle trips and a 45% reduction in kilometres travelled. Over 100 suppliers and couriers have used the consolidation centre to date and the scheme is set to expand in the next 3 years.