Faster mobile and better broadband connectivity could be coming to Camden

We are looking to enhance digital connectivity and tackle mobile phone ‘blackspots’ across the borough to greatly improve network speeds for businesses and residents.

The explosion in mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc) and demand for broadband services has led to a greater demand for capacity. To tackle this issue, we have developed proposals for leasing rooftop spaces on council-owned buildings to telecommunications companies. 

These proposals will not just deliver benefits to residents and businesses; they will allow us to help tackle the financial challenges we face as a local authority - the initiative could generate income of up to £600,000 per year for us to spend on services.

The plans will see mobile and wireless broadband masts installed on more than 50 council-owned buildings, increasing telecoms capacity and coverage in the borough. This will promote economic growth and help local businesses and services which rely on high speed, low cost internet to be competitive in the digital economy.

In addition, the initiative will also help us tackle the digital divide by reinvesting money gained back into public services, including providing free wifi to 74 tenants’ halls on council estates, digital skills training and refurbished PCs. This will enable tenants halls to be used for a wider range of activities, including homework clubs.

We are asking for as many residents and local businesses as possible to give us their feedback and thoughts on these ideas. Find out more here and submit your views by emailing [email protected]

A decision on the proposals will be made at Camden’s Cabinet Meeting on 21 October.