Euston Station Design Panel meets for first time

A new panel that will provide advice on design plans for the new HS2 Euston Station met for a site visit and briefing session this week.

The Euston Station Design Panel consists of twelve independent design experts. Half are taken from HS2 Ltd’s route-wide independent Design Panel, and the rest from Camden’s Design Review Panel.

The purpose of the panel is to provide independent recommendations for design at Euston Station to HS2 Ltd and Camden Council. The HS2 Hybrid Bill will set out certain elements of the station’s design, but the Council will be able to comment and make some decisions on detailed plans.

We will be looking for the Panel to make recommendations for the station design that can achieve the vision of the Council’s Euston Area Plan and emerging Planning Brief for the station and tracks area. These long term planning policies seek to achieve the best possible future for the area for residents, businesses and visitors to Euston.

The Euston Station Design Panel was set up as part of an assurance given to the Council during the House of Commons HS2 Select Committee process in December 2015. The assurance states that the panel will be able to comment on designs for HS2 Euston Station, from the initial design brief to the final detailed design, before plans for the station are formally submitted to the Council for planning permission.

HS2 Ltd must take on board changes suggested by the panel as far as reasonably practicable and justify any recommendations that are not taken forward. The panel will meet on average four times a year.

Council pushes for comprehensive redevelopment

The Council is opposed to current plans for HS2 Ltd, as the scheme will bring nearly two decades of disruption to Camden. We appeared at the House of Lords Select Committee in September 2016 to call for the government to commit to funding a full redevelopment of Euston mainline station in time for it to integrate with plans for HS2 and Crossrail 2 stations. We are currently awaiting the Select Committee’s report for the outcome of our appearance.

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