Eco-friendly reusable bags rolled out at Camden markets to tackle single-use plastics

Camden Council has partnered with Raze to provide market shoppers with free eco-friendly reusable bags as part of a bid to crack down on single-use plastics.

This comes as a national ban on single-use plastics came into effect on 1 October, with Camden going a step further to also cover plastic bags.

Raze bags, which are strong, water-resistant and carbon-neutral, have been provided to market traders and customers free of charge.

To encourage customers to reuse the bags, each bag has a unique QR code that users can scan to connect to the Raze app each time the bag is used to gain ‘Raze coins’ to spend on a range of popular brands.

Launched at Inverness Street Market with an initial order of 5,000 Raze bags, Camden is creating an opportunity for traders, shoppers, and local businesses to trial this pioneering initiative.

Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for New Homes, Jobs and Community Investment

Cracking down on plastic use is a priority for the Council, and this new partnership with Raze is an innovative way to help us achieve this at some of the most popular shopping destinations in the borough. Through this initiative, not only does it help Camden to be a greener borough, shoppers will also get rewarded for reusing their bags – it truly is a win-win.

Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for New Homes, Jobs and Community Investment
Charlie Ayres, co-founder of Raze

We are really excited about this partnership with Camden Council and believe it shows a great deal of innovative thinking within the public sector to partner with a young forward-thinking company like Raze.

At Raze we are trying to use advertising as a force for good, and through our app we redirect advertising spend away from big platforms and back to real people. This partnership Camden Council, and a few others we have in the works, is a great example of how we can use Raze in other ways to tackle major issues like single-use plastics distribution in London. We’re really excited to grow this initiative over the next few years with the support of forward-thinking London Councils.

Charlie Ayres, co-founder of Raze

How does it work?

  • Each customer gets a free bag at either a Camden market or through the Raze app. They can activate the bag by using the Raze app to scan the unique QR code on their bag every time they reuse it. 
  • Through Raze’s proprietary advertising technology, Raze rewards carriers for reusing the bag while promoting the business advertised on it. These rewards translate into further plastic offsetting and ‘Raze Coins’, which they can redeem against Good Brands listed within the Raze app, where 100 coins = £1. 
  • Each journey gives you different earnings depending on the time, distance covered and area (i.e. busy areas with higher footfall, like markets, would typically generate more coins). 

Local businesses and advertisers interested in taking part in advertising on these bags should email

To find out more about Raze head to