Do your bit for the environment with Camden Eco Points

Camden Council has revamped its Recycling Rewards citizen participation scheme into Camden Eco Points.

Originally launched in 2016, we have expanded the new programme to share rewards with residents who take positive action on the environment – not only on recycling, but on everything from walking, cycling and taking the bus to helping to save energy.

Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet member for a Sustainable Camden

Thank you to all Camden residents who have been busy recycling and recording their actions in Recycling Rewards since 2016.  As we become ever more conscious about our impact on the environment – from our immediate neighbourhoods throughout the borough to reversing global climate change – Camden Eco Points provides a great new way of capturing our activities and motivating ourselves and others.

We have extended Camden Eco Points to now cover other important areas such as promoting sustainable and active travel, as well as energy saving and the reducing and reusing materials. 

With more and more active residents sharing good practice and taking part each month, the new Eco Points scheme will increase our drive towards being a cleaner, greener, healthier and more inclusive borough.

Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet member for a Sustainable Camden

Camden residents can set up a free account by visiting or downloading the Camden Eco Points mobile app. They can then take part in waste and recycling themed and transport themed activities, whilst earning points and climbing the leader board. At the end of each month the scheme rewards the residents who have collected the most points as well as also randomly rewarding residents who have taken part.

Councillor Harrison continued:

“Over 16,000 households already take part, and residents will now also be rewarded for cycling or walking, giving up their parking permit, taking public transport, using the Try-A-Bike scheme in addition to the existing waste activities including recycling, reducing food waste and upcycling.

“Over 80% of residents who have signed up have also reported that engaging in the programme has meant they are more aware of sustainable behaviours and changed what they do as a result.

“Additionally, £1,500 is donated to local charities on an annual basis with residents who take part being able to vote for which local charity they would like to see to receive money.”

Residents can take part in 26 waste and recycling themed activities, organised under 6 key themes including Food Waste Challenge, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. They can take part in 23 transport themed activities, organised under 5 key themes including Cycling, Walking, Public Transport and Driving.

Each month:

  • The top five Green Points earners for recycling activities win a £30 voucher.
  • The top five Green Points earner for transport activities win a £30 voucher.
  • Five x £20 vouchers are raffled across all members who recycled.
  • Five x £20 vouchers are raffled across all members who’ve taken part in transport activities.

Winners then get to choose a voucher from a selection of outlets including EcoVibe, B&Q, John Lewis, Decathlon, Halfords, Nike/Adidas, M&S, Tesco, and National Book Token.

There is a three-month exclusionary period so members can only win once every three months.

Camden Eco Points is provided by Jump, sustainability engagement experts providing digital engagement solutions to councils and organisations across the UK and beyond.