Delivery of bins and bags starts today

From today (Tuesday 7 March), Camden households who receive kerbside collections will begin to receive either a new black wheelie bin or a supply of orange Camden-branded rubbish bags, as part of our new environment services contract with Veolia, which begins on 1 April.

We will still collect recycling and food waste every week from all households in the borough.

The majority of households in Camden will continue to receive weekly collections for non-recyclable rubbish, while around a third will move to fortnightly collections. Residents who receive communal collections (those who live on estates and in large blocks of flats) will not see a change to their collection service.

We know that around 85% of the contents of a Camden rubbish bin is recyclable, but currently our residents only recycle 25%. We are making changes to increase recycling and reduce costs – cuts to our funding from central government mean we have to find cheaper ways of doing things. The new contract will save us £5 million a year.

Throughout this month, households with sufficient space will receive a wheelie bin to store their rubbish. Households without space will receive a six-month supply of orange Camden-branded rubbish bags.

By making full use of the weekly recycling and food waste collections, residents should have enough space in their wheelie bin or rubbish bags until their next collection.

We wrote to residents in January to notify them of changes to their collections and containers. A helpful service guide will accompany the delivery of bins and bags this month, explaining:

  • What can and can’t be recycled
  • What is food waste and what isn’t
  • How to order free recycling and food waste containers
  • Collection dates for individual households
  • Where containers need to be left on collection day
  • Information about the garden waste collection service
  • And other helpful questions and answers about the new contract.

It costs far less to process recyclable materials, so by boosting recycling rates we are not only helping the environment, but saving money that can be used for other vital council services.

For more information:

Visit our web page about recycling and rubbish.