Daily allowances for residents evacuated from the Chalcots estate

If you have been evacuated from the Chalcots estate you may be entitled to ongoing financial subsistence support.

Will I get an allowance while I am evacuated from my home?

Yes. If you are staying in temporary accommodation or with family and friends you will receive £20 per person, per day for food and essentials. All adults and children in a household will receive this allowance, so for example, a family of four would receive £80 per day.

How do I get the allowance?

You no longer need to go to the Swiss Cottage library to claim your allowance, and you are eligible for the allowance from the day you moved into temporary accommodation.

The money will be paid directly to you using our existing ‘local welfare assistance’ system. Please call us on 020 3324 0383 Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm to register. All you will need is your name and address to register. You do not need your National Insurance number. 

You can choose to have the money paid directly into your bank account, or we can text you a series of unique codes that you can use to get cash from one of many paypoints available locally. We would recommend opting to have your allowance paid directly in to your account to avoid receiving large cash payments at paypoint facilities.

Your allowance will be paid every five days, there is no need to call every five days as the payments will continue until you are back in your own home.

As there is a paypoint limit of £100 per code, we would recommend that families opt to have their allowance paid directly into their account to avoid receiving multiple codes and large amounts of cash every five days. For example, a family of four would receive four unique codes, and receive £400 in cash every five days.

I have not received my one-off £100 payment or £20 per day allowance. How can I claim this and will the allowance be backdated?

If you registered at the Swiss Cottage rest centre before Thursday 29 June and received your one-off £100 payment, you can receive a backdated daily allowance from Saturday 24 June by contacting 020 3324 0383 Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm. If you have not yet registered, you need to attend the Swiss Cottage library to receive your one-off payment. You will then be eligible for your daily allowance from that day, but it will not be backdated.

Will I be able to claim for any other expenses?

We understand that you may have to pay other costs while you are unable to live in your own home, and the council will consider reimbursing reasonable expenses. Please keep good records of money spent and receipts of any costs that you think you may be able to claim. Please send all claims and proof of expenditure to

For more information, read the resident FAQs on our website.