COVID-19 cross party panel among council meetings held remotely

Some formal Council meetings including Camden's first Covid-19 Oversight Cross Party Panel are being held remotely - with all participants using video technology from their own homes due to the current coronavirus restrictions.

Residents will be able to watch these meetings live and as a recording on Camden Council’s Youtube channel. The first Covid-19 Oversight Cross Party Panel meeting will be held today (Monday 11 May) at 7pm. Other upcoming Council meeting being held remotely include:

Council meetings had been temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak and some meetings will remain suspended as the Council continues to focus on helping its residents and businesses.

The council is using Microsoft Teams (‘Teams’), which provides audio and video functionality so that all participants in a remote meeting should be capable of being heard and seen.

The next Council Cabinet meeting will also be held remotely and will take place on Wednesday, 13 May at 7pm