Council tax Direct Debit collection error – have you been affected?

Some residents who were due to pay their council tax by Direct Debit on 31 July 2022 had this payment taken early on 28 July 2022 due to an administrative error.  

If this affects you, we are currently in the process of refunding the payments and you should have the money back by the end of 28 July. 

Payments that were due on 31 July will now be taken week commencing 1 August.

If you have been charged any bank fees or the payment being taken earlier than usual caused you financial hardship, please email us at [email protected], attaching any proof (for example, screenshot of bank statement), or call us on 020 7974 4444 (option 4).

We apologise for the error and any impact it has had on you, and we are taking action to ensure it does not happen again.

If you’re worried about paying bills in general or struggling with debt, we are here to help – get help and advice at or call us on 020 7974 4444 (option 9).