Council Leader's statement on new cladding tests

Following the Government's announcement about new cladding test results, Camden Council Leader Georgia Gould has made clear that Camden remains committed to removing and replacing outer cladding panels from the Chalcots. Panels were originally tested in June and Camden made the commitment to replace them at that time.

Cllr Gould said:

“We made a commitment to residents to remove the cladding panels on the Chalcots and that commitment remains. This decision was based on the results of tests in June that showed that the outer cladding panels on the Chalcots towers are combustible.

"We are yet to receive a full technical briefing from the Government but we have been informed that these further test results don’t tell us anything new and they support our decision. We will of course follow any additional safety guidance that is recommended.

"We continue to take active measures to make sure our residents are safe and we’ll continue with our plan to remove and replace cladding panels as soon as we can. ”

Additional safety measures already put in place by Camden include:

  • 24 hour fire warden service
  • PAT testing
  • Fire blankets in every flat
  • Enhanced Fire Risk Assessments underway
  • Fire doors being replaced with 60 minute fire resistant doors
  • Range of safety improvement works independently checked by building control and the fire brigade.