Council call for residents to help shape the plan for Camden’s future

A ‘Camden Commission’ is to be set up to help decide the Council’s priorities from 2018 and borough residents are being asked to take part. The work of the Commission will deliver a five year strategic plan that will build on the success of the current Camden Plan which was launched in 2012.

The Commission will hear extensively from residents and national experts to ensure that the Council focuses on what people really need. Cllr Sarah Hayward, Leader of Camden Council, said:“The Camden Plan has helped us to make important strides to tackle inequality, promote fairness and to maintain the borough’s rich diversity. This has been achieved on the face of huge government cuts and extremely challenging economic conditions.

“We want to build on our achievements and the Camden Commission will gather the evidence we need to set that direction, making sure everyone in Camden has the chance to be heard. The establishment of a Camden Commission will ensure there is real debate and inclusivity as we set our priorities and plan how we’ll invest funds in the coming years.”The Commission’s work will focus on the following areas:

Maintaining a mixed and inclusive Camden – Camden is an international borough which benefits from its place in the global economy, but too many residents are excluded. What can we do to maintain our diverse communities and make sure that globalisation benefits all residents? How can we make sure that everyone in Camden has the security they need to enjoy a good standard of living?

Community cohesion – How can we ensure that Camden remains a place where residents feel that they belong and can safely take part in local life; a place where people support one another and share common values in a diverse community?

Reshaping public services – How can Camden Council provide the services required to meet residents’ needs in a changing and challenging funding situation? Looking at what can be done to deliver these services in new and better ways.

The first meeting of the Camden Commission will take place in February 2017. More information about how to get involved and have your say is available at, including details on how people can submit views and evidence to the Commission.

Opportunities to take part in a number of activities, including neighbourhood meetings, focus groups and online debates, will be announced in the new year.