Coronavirus: Changes to parking restrictions in Camden

To support residents throughout this difficult time and provide key workers with what they need to keep essential services running smoothly the council has introduced a number of changes to how parking and traffic is managed across Camden.

Working closely with NHS trusts, GP surgeries, the emergency services and schools the council is currently identifying the need for extra parking and to provide what is required to help key workers get to and from work safely.

Furthermore non-essential parking suspensions across the borough are being cancelled to free up highway space and vehicles will not be removed during this period unless dangerous or obstructively parked.

While parking enforcement is being scaled back, a presence will be maintained to protect the changes that have been introduced for key workers and to deal with dangerous and obstructive parking that could disrupt essential journeys through the borough.

The council's parking offer will continue to be assessed as the situation changes in order to best meet the needs of the services that are working so hard under the current challenging circumstances.

Key workers who may require additional parking and residents who know of any space in the borough that is underused and could be repurposed for essential worker parking are asked to contact [email protected].

More information on the changes to Camden's parking restrictions can be found here.