Convert your civil partnership to marriage

Couples now have the option to convert their civil partnership to marriage.

This landmark change in legislation means couples in existing civil partnerships will be able to convert them to a marriage from 10 December 2014.

Couples will be issued with a marriage certificate, which will show the marriage should be treated as existing from the date of the original civil partnership. The conversion can take place at an approved venue.

There are over 45 approved venues in Camden that perform civil ceremonies.

Couples can choose from a simple conversion ceremony with one of our Registrars, or the new option of a two-stage process where a Registrar can complete the conversion at one of the approved venues.

The full fee for conversion will be £45. But, you won't need to pay if you registered your civil partnership before Saturday 29 March 2014 (before you had the opportunity to marry).

This free conversion is available until Wednesday 9 December 2015. Couples choosing the two-stage process will have the same sum deducted from the total price.

Find out more

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  • See our FAQs on conversions to marriage