CitySafe in Camden

New initiative to provide Safe Havens in Camden Town.

We are working with local young people on a community-led project from Citizens UK, which encourages local businesses to sign up to the CitySafe scheme to become a ‘Safe Haven’.

Safe Havens are places of safety within local businesses and organisations, where people can go if they feel at risk, threatened or in immediate danger. There are currently over 600 CitySafe Havens across London, which can be identified by a purple logo in their windows.

The CitySafe campaign is all about building relationships within the community between young people, local businesses and the police. Last weekend, a representative from Citizens UK and some of the young people involved in the project approached businesses and organisations to encourage them to offer their premises as Safe Havens.

The businesses that sign up will pledge to report 100% of crime and anti-social behaviour to the police and ensure they do not sell alcohol, knives or other potentially dangerous substances to people who are underage or drunk. The training the young people will receive through the scheme will develop their leadership, public speaking and team building skills. It will also give them the opportunity to build relationships within their community.

The scheme will cover Camden High Street and Chalk Farm up to Mornington Crescent. Once the project is in place, there will be a launch event to publicise the CitySafe Havens and celebrate the work of the young people involved.

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CitySafe works with thousands of young people and adults in schools, colleges, charities, churches, mosques, synagogues, and community groups. For more information and to sign up to the scheme, visit