Citrus Saturday - a special thanks to the community of Camden

This summer Citrus Saturday saw hundreds of kids learn new skills in 12 countries across Europe and Africa.

Citrus Saturday is an experimental programme developed by UCL aimed at teaching entrepreneurship skills to young people around the world.

The programme equips young people with the skills to start their own business and make a future for themselves. Participants create a lemonade product, brand it and sell it to the public, then keep the profits from their work.

This summer 125 of London's young entrepreneurs ran lemonade stands in 27 locations across the capital, using 10,000 lemons, 5,000 oranges, 3,000 limes combined with 1/4 tonne of sugar mixed with 1 tonne of water.

They couldn't have done this without the help of the Camden Community.

Timothy Barnes, founder of Citrus Saturday said:  “Citrus Saturday works with young people from schools all over Camden.

"This would not be possible without the support of Camden Council and local businesses such as Booker at King’s Cross, The British Library and Sainsburys, Camden Road.

"Five years after we started, their support and generosity still amazes us all - thank you all for your help and support”.