Changes to parking charges for diesel vehicles

We are responsible for improving the air quality in Camden to bring it within European Union objective levels. One way we plan to do this, is to reduce the number of diesel vehicles based in the borough. This year, therefore, we are proposing an additional parking charge for diesel vehicles of resident, business, doctor and market trader permit holders. We hope that this will help us improve the air quality in Camden and contribute to addressing the health impact of diesel emissions by encouraging drivers who are based in Camden to switch to vehicles that pollute less or are more sustainable.

The annual increase in parking charges for everyone is due to come into effect on 25 April.

For drivers of diesel vehicles, there would be an additional charge.

Read more about the parking increases.

If you have concerns about air pollution levels in Camden, perhaps you would like to take part in the online consultation on our clean air action plan? This is open until 19 April.