Changes to free nursery places in Camden

All three and four year olds will continue to be eligible for 15 hours at nursery each week, but your child could get more.

Government funding changes mean we can no longer afford to provide 30 hours for all three and four year olds in our school and Council-run nurseries from September. Instead, we are introducing new arrangements in Camden for some children who look set to lose out.

From September, if you have a child aged three or four the new offers will be:

Councillor Angela Mason CBE, Cabinet Member for Children
Camden has pioneered 30 hours' free nursery provision and we are glad that the Government is now extending provision for working parents. However, this should not be at the expense of poorer children whose parents are not working.

The new funding formula for early years will not provide enough money to continue with the universal Camden offer, but I am pleased that Camden has decided to go beyond the statutory offer and fund extra hours for those children and families in greatest need of a helping hand in the crucial early years of life.

Councillor Angela Mason CBE, Cabinet Member for Children