Chalcots: Camden receives £19M following settlement of its legal claim

Following a negotiated settlement Camden Council has received £19M from the contractor PFIC (Partners for Improvement in Camden) and its principal subcontractors, who previously had responsibility for refurbishment and maintenance of the Chalcots Estate, under a private finance initiative agreement (PFI) with the council.

The claim was submitted against the consortium Partners for Improvement in Camden (PFIC) – currently in liquidation – and Rydon Construction Ltd., Rydon Maintenance Ltd., Faithful + Gould Ltd. and United Living South Limited.

The London Borough of Camden began proceedings in the High Court over the evacuation and the events leading to the evacuation of the Chalcots Estate to hold the relevant parties responsible for the costs. As part of this process, a mediation took place.

Whilst there are differing opinions about responsibility under the PFI arrangement, the parties have agreed to end this litigation as it carries costs and risks for all involved. This litigation will end without any admission of liability on the side of any of the parties. There was a risk that the parties would not have sufficient funds to satisfy any judgment. The parties have therefore agreed a settlement of £19 million. Further details of the settlement will remain confidential.


Leader of Council confirms review to proceed following legal settlement

Following the conclusion of legal proceedings against contractor PFIC (Partners for Improvement in Camden) and its principal subcontractors, the Leader of Camden Council, Cllr Georgia Gould, has announced that the second stage of the independent Chalcots review can begin. Read more here.